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See testimonials from others I’ve worked with over the years:

“Sophie Bonifaz is one of the most reliable and passionate people I’ve worked with. She cares so deeply about writers and their projects. You feel like it’s not just her knowledge she gives, she gives her heart. She is an amazing assistant because she is always so organized—and always so calm and confident and kind—even when I’m running very late with deadlines! Her professionalism has been a great gift, because my project has involved a very steep learning curve and perhaps more chaos than I would have wanted. But always, no matter what challenge I ask Sophie to help me with, she brings a peace and clarity to our endeavor that makes all the difference between things being hard and things being fun. In the past nine months of working with her, I’ve been able to accomplish vastly more than I ever could have dreamed of accomplishing on my own.”

Elizabeth White-Olsen
Executive Director, Writespace

“You are looking for someone who will care about your project.  Someone who will care about you, the writer.  Someone who will go to bat for you, every single time, and fight long and hard to get you through whatever it is you’re working on.  You want a person on your team who is enthusiastic, sweet, personal, has a beautiful eye for detail in words and a wonderful appreciation for global-scale work.  An assistant who is not only capable, but caring, and truly admirable in her own work. And here she is.   Honestly, I don’t want to share her.  Sophie will spend hours looking for the information you need, and can also zip through to the important details in moments.  She is an efficient organizer, a bang on cheerleader, and a font of ideas.  Sophie is a self-reflection goddess, and she will not present you with anything substandard.  My gift to you, fellow writer, is Sophie Bonifaz, the best partner in crime you could possibly ask for.”

Rose Usenica

” Sophie is a treasure. She is uber-competent, and can handle anything you throw her way. She is supremely well-organized, and has that rare ability to create order out of chaos. Her work ethic is remarkable, but even better she is unflappable. She is always kind, calm and collected. Her people skills are superb – she worked for me on Rice University’s Centennial Celebration, and we received many compliments about how well she handled engagementes for some of our most important stakeholders – in several languages, to boot. I recommend her without reservation!”

Kathleen A. Boyd

“Sophie is a spectacular editor. From the standard fixes on grammar and flow, to helping the author lay out structure and solidify their message, Sophie can do it all. More importantly, she helps the author keep their voice and style their own while helping to create a product that is polished and impactful. I say this from personal experience and am eternally grateful for Sophie’s skills! Sophie always impresses, and would be an invaluable asset to any author.”

Elle Jones

“Being a up and coming film maker, I always need to make sure that the content I am creating isn’t terrible or offensive. I get so into the creative process that I forget to ask myself, “Does this make sense? Am I conveying this correctly?” Having Sophie as the ultimate bounce board has really improved my creative vision. She is able to figure out what my real message is and gives me pointers to see it in a different perspective. As an artist that is trying to capture the perspective of a story, hearing someone else’s take always makes me see a clearer picture.”

Antonio Treh

“Sophie is everything a person could want in an assistant. The passion and energy she brings to a project are difficult to beat. She truly wants to help her clients bring their visions to life, whether that’s through being a part of the creative process, or helping to manage the necessary evils of administrative duties. She can help break through the most difficult of writing blocks with her attentive ear and unique perspective, and her thorough attention to detail is well-suited to the variety of administrative services she offers.”

Heather H.