If you need me to focus in-depth on an issue or have multiple services you’re interested in, then à la carte may not be the best choice. My service packages are designed to help you save both money and time, and include multiple undertakings that I do not offer à la carte. These are ideal if you want an assistant to help you with a wide range of tasks. When you choose a package, you are welcome to ask for any service featured under the umbrella for no extra charge.

In order to ensure a good fit when ordering a service package, be prepared to have a conversation! Writing is a very personal act, and one’s administrative life, though often less glamorous, can be extremely private. A foundation of trust, understanding, and mutual respect is important in order to communicate well, and I want to be sure you’re comfortable with me before we begin. This process will not be charged in an effort to make sure I am the right assistant for you.


Research Assistant Service Package

Nothing reads like a well-researched story. Some genres, such as historical fiction and myth fiction, require a lot of heavy lifting from the start to ensure the reader remains immersed. That said, other genres aren’t exempt; urban fantasy, contemporary fiction, memoirs, and even horror can all be spoiled by a few glaring inaccuracies. If you need someone who is there exclusively to help you power through sources, find interview leads, and fact-check your manuscript, this package is for you.

This package includes but is not limited to:

  • Finding and connecting with interview leads, experts, libraries, and archives on your behalf
  • Research interview preparation and assistance
  • Source collection
  • Cliffnote creation for sources
  • Research organization assistance and maintenance

Administrative Assistant Service Package

Administrative work is notorious for being necessary but time-consuming. Whether you’re frustrated by the amount of time you put into creating mail labels, despise formatting documents, or are intimidated by the prospect of researching agents to query, this package will give you the freedom to spend less time doing busy work and more time writing.

This package includes but is not limited to:

  • Email Inbox Cleanup and Maintenance
  • Copyediting Services
  • Social Media Creation and Maintenance
  • Website and Blog Maintenance
  • Patreon Campaign Maintenance
  • Purchase Order and Invoice Assistance
  • Mail and Shipping Assistance
  • Research Assistance (Industry topics, e.g. publishers, agents)
  • Fundraising Assistance
  • Database Maintenance
  • On-Site Event Assistance
  • Cold Calls and Cold Emails
  • Manuscript Formatting and Preparation
  • Self-Publishing Assistance

Creative Assistant Service Package

Writing can be a lonely endeavor. It’s not always easy to find someone to share your creative concerns with, and it can be even more difficult to find someone to help you work through them. If you’ve got hundreds of pages of memoir to tie together, a sagging Act II, or have realized that you’ve accidentally made all your characters sound the same, don’t worry. This package is meant to help you find your story by serving as that soundboard we all need sometimes.

This package includes but is not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Alpha and Beta Reading
  • Line Editing Services
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Collaborative Writing Exercises
  • Online Content Creation Assistance
  • Research Assistance and Organization (Story-focused topics, e.g. history, fact-checking)
  • Outlining and Story Tracking Assistance

All-Inclusive Assistant Package

Not sure of what you need? Interested in services listed in the three packages above? If you want an assistant in all aspects of your writing life, this is the service package for you! I’ll take care of those administrative tasks you’re avoiding as well as help you develop your work so you have plenty of time and inspiration to finish what you were meant to write.