Sophie C. Bonifaz

Writing is speaking truth and dreams and seeing them come to life. I write to learn about myself and others, and to stretch the limits of my imagination and find hope. I approach writing as an exciting craft, where each draft is another round of chipping away at the marble, looking for the image hidden in the stone. Every aspect is a joy, from outlining to proofreading, and I find just as much delight in creating a new character as I do in wrangling words into the perfect sentence.

For those looking for something like a cover letter, I offer you the following: I grew up in a minority-majority area of Houston and thrive in diverse environments. I have studied abroad multiple times, so I am no stranger to travel arrangements and visa requirements. I am detail-oriented from managing a small oil company’s financial obligations. Planning various Model UN conferences and quidditch tournaments taught me how to keep the big picture in mind. I am happy to talk to strangers, and have a lot of experience doing so: I served as a liaison between the oil company, their clients, and their suppliers; was the main point of communication between Rice University and their thousands of guests for the Rice Centennial in 2012; recruited, interviewed, and hired staff for the International Quidditch Association as their HR Manager; was an MC for multiple nights of the HAAPI Film Festival in 2018, a role that included interviewing film directors before an audience; and have volunteered with multiple educational organizations geared towards students of all ages.

I am drawn to creative endeavors of all types, and am always eager to gain a new skill. I love to learn from both instructors and instructions, and if I’ve got a question, I instinctively look for the answer. A good teacher is priceless, but if I must teach myself something, it becomes a fun puzzle to solve. This attitude has taught me how to draw, paint, sew, build props, edit video, dance, drive manual, develop a new company’s policy, fundraise, start successful collegiate sports teams, bake, cook, plan events, create educational programs, manipulate images on Photoshop, sing in various languages, and more.

I seek efficiency, but don’t like sterile, robotic relationships with my work or those I work with. Writing, be it technical or creative, is an art, and it cannot flourish in a stiff, uncomfortable environment. I am an extrovert whose best friends are all introverts, and am comfortable with a wide variety of work styles. I also relate strongly to the lyric, “How do you write like you’re running out of time?” thanks to the sheer amount of energy I have on any given day – which I am happy to direct to helping you!